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A couple days ago, I got the best present ever: a onesie. I really wanted one, had practically been begging for it, so this made me very happy (thank you J.!!). Being one of those people who are eternally cold, a onesie is heaven: it is warm and keeps your body-warmth close to you (especially for your feet if like mine it is socks-integrated). It is not very flattering on the body, and it is certainly not sexy or fashionable, but it is warm and funny. And who cares about fashion when you can curl up on the sofa, warm and fuzzy when it is raining like hell outside.

My boyfriend K. suggested I get another one to wear as a pyjama underneath this one, because “twice the onesie, twice the fun”. And suddenly I have become the funniest person on earth in his eyes, not because of what I do, but “because you wear that onesie”.

So tell me, would you (or do you) wear a onesie, why and when? Do you think it is a fashion faux pas or an absolute must have? (And if you are Cara Delevingne, we allready know you live in a onesie and we love it!)

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  • Rianne van Weperen
    December 10, 2013

    Will certainly ask for one from santa M. Looks nice to curl up on the sofa, or for those days you only need to study for 12+ hours. ;)

    • Manon
      December 10, 2013

      That’s my point!! It always comes in handy (and comfy). Would love to wear it more often, but leaving the house in one is one step too far. Can you imagine me at work in a onesie?!? (Yeah I can too, but it doesn’t mean I should)

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