Wanted: The Leather Jacket

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This fall I have been searching for the perfect leather jacket, unsuccessfully I might add. It seems impossible to find a jacket that has nice details, but not too much (no buckles for me thank you), feels like real leather -or actually is, is not too short and does not empty my bank account…

I had the perfect one, black, with long sleeves and a warm collar. But after so many years it is now literally falling apart and I only wear it when horse riding, and so really need a new one. There are of course Burberry’s great leather jackets (I love the padding on shoulders and sleeves) but those are a bit too expensive. Zara had some great ones this season as well, but every time there was a small detail that bugged me.

It is silly, but when you have known the perfect leather jacket for years, I just cannot go for second best, so my quest for perfection continues… I did draw my dream jacket above, if you see it in stores, please tell me!

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  • Nyssa
    December 9, 2013

    i lost my leather jacket last season and was gutted. I end up getting a jacket from these guys — http://www.ivyandwhite.com.au/. The leather is amazing, so soft. and the design is not at all fussy, which so many are (it’s quite expensive to get large pieces of leather). anyway, best of luck on your search!

    (and congrats on the big blog-move too!)

  • Amita Joshi
    December 10, 2013

    I can’t believe I have lived my life without one for so many years, great recent fashion investment! Beautiful picture :)

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